Work with us

Your opportunity to work with the world famous talent scout and talent creator, music producer and experiential performance designer, Lawrence “Rudo” Williams is here. At no cost whatsoever, and with no pressure or restriction on the way in which you present your music, you can enter the IDMe Competition, sponsored by Kilroy Rock.

Winners of the IDMe Competition are judged in the following categories:

Most Untapped Potential

The winner in this category receives a year of free coaching on internet publicity, learned musicality and fashion/image/presentation. Rudo is personally involved with the process of getting his Untapped stars into shape, and Untapped winners are encouraged to re-enter a second time, to become Kilroy Rock Project!

Unknown Doing Something Unknown

This category was designed to honor the most incredibly unique submission received. In 2013, this award went to Billy Club backup drummer Mave Howard, who submitted a completely subvocalized recording of her new track, “Holla.” Winners in this category will receive a complete publicity package from Kilroy Rock, and will be offered the opportunity to sign with the production company.

Kilroy Rock Project

The grand prize is reserved for winners who have the whole package! Kilroy Rock awards just one Kilroy Rock Project prize annually, and it comes with a one million dollar recording contract. Winners must display not only the ability to shine on stage, but will sign a promotions contract encompassing endorsements and appearances around the world.

Don’t waste this opportunity! Sign-up below!

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