Lawrence R. Williams and his associates at Kilroy Rock currently represent these bands and artists, among others.

Billy Club – journey toward the final frontier with the Billy Club members as they bring you on a trip that will stay in your memory for a long time. Beatings of audience members as part of the performance have led the headlines but the deep back beat and resounding, clashing melodies that this band highlights are more than worth a few bruises.

billy club

Rolling On – A rotational musical conglomerate concept, the performers who make up Rolling On are all living underneath the OHay overpass along the I-5 outside of LA. With few options, and limited ways to escape their dire living conditions, many of them are thrilled to experience conscription into the performance art project. Untouched talent rises as performers serenade and dance for the motorists stuck in traffic, and sometimes fascinating accidents occur.


Dive Train – the first classic band Rudo signed under the Kilroy Rock label, Dive Train is an accapella ska group whose focus is on performing the blues in an accessible, youthful and uplifting manner. Their performances are often well attended by church groups, and the appreciation for their music extends from the very old to the very young at heart.


iHoly – iHoly’s devotion to their fan base is at the root of their success. Their ability to bring hard rock and blues together in a kind of emotional, red-neck fusion experience makes their appeal broad. At each show, the members of iHoly give free blessings to the audience members and ask that everyone who approaches the stage for healing and intervention extend the same energy to others after the show.


Downtown Ruffalo – Although Rudo signed Downtown Ruffalo just last month, it’s possible that they will become his biggest success story yet. The group has a classic, intense vocalist in Bobby Holliday, and her ability to sing upside down is unsurpassed. Her experience performing live in vaudeville-style shows with her parents has undoubtedly prepared her for the wild ride that Rudo’s representation will bring.

Downtown Ruffalo

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