Time Magazine, Driving Talent to the Stars

Today Kilroy Rock announced that they have signed a new contract with Rambunctious Hipster, a band that started out in Denver, CO, but has earned an international reputation.

Lawrence “Rudo” Williams, CEO and founder of Kilroy Rock, said at the launch party celebrating the contract, “RamHip is the next big sensation, and signing them is going to let us get out of the experimental R&B space. We plan to get these guys on the first plane to Iceland. Their sound is going to go wild there.”

Lead banjo artist with RamHip, Beverly Simpson, said that the opportunity to work with a production artist like Rudo was too good for the band to pass up. “We, like, argued about it some before we made the decision, but in the end we were all, like, who else is going to get us four million clicks in a week on YouTube? I mean, we didn’t even get that when we were Hottsy Tottsy, featured on the front page of MySpace.”

The band’s tour, which is planned to start in Iceland and wind around the planet in a striking travel schedule, will begin on October 3.

Destinations like the Hover Craft fast-moving restaurant on the Hudson and the covered bridge in Greenfield, MA will be featured in underground marketing campaigns intended to rocket RamHip into international stardom.