Happens to Everyone – The Rudo Williams Story Published Today

It’s a rare person who hasn’t heard of Lawrence R. Williams, currently the CEO of Kilroy Rock, and former band member of “Mother’s Dying.”

His exploits in the music industry are not nearly as legendary as his propensity for grabbing the headlines for his personal behavior, but investors shrug their shoulders, and give “Rudo” a lot of leeway.

The reason billionaires like Warren Buffett are willing to overlook Rudo’s history and interesting perspective on many common points of legal scholarship is simple: results. Rudo not only makes it happen on stage, delighting fans and bringing social media sites to their knees whenever a live performance happens, but he also makes it happen in the bank.

The checks that flowed into Kilroy Rock to support the underground musical experience collective in LA were an overhead reduction that investors in Kilroy Rock just couldn’t look away from.

The bottom line, for Rudo, is always where his eye is. “For some music producers,” he’s said, “there’s just the number of bottoms they can get in a night. For me, it’s the number on the bottom. Line, I mean. The dollars.”

Rudo is not just a trendy and focused entrepreneur, but a social activist who is a firm believer that everyone will suffer in this lifetime. His autobiography, “Happens to Everyone – The Rudo Williams Story” lands in bookstores today.

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