A Beginner’s Guide in Creating Electronic Music

Creating Electronic Music

With the available tools and music equipment today,  you can learn how to create electronic music. Even if you are not a professional DJ as long as you are willing to learn and you are creative, you can create your own electronic music. But before you can produce a track, you need to know the basics of creating electronic music. What are the different processes and the different techniques and methods you can use? This article teaches you the basic steps in making your own electronic music.

Have the Gear You Need

Before you event attempt to start creating your own electronic music, you first need to prepare the necessary gear that you need. So, what are the equipment and other tools that you need to get you read? For beginners, you need to have the following items:

  1. DAW
  2. Computer
  3. Studio Monitors
  4. Headphones
  5. MIDI Keyboard
  6. Audio Interface

Investing in quality gear does not have to be that expensive. Take the time to purchase gear that can help you produce quality sounds. After all, you can consider this as an investment.

Choose and learn your Digital Audio Workstation

Your DAW is where you create your music. To make the process a breeze, make sure that you know and learn your DAW or Digital Audio Workstation. One of the most common mistakes that most people who want to create electronic music make is that they fail to select their DAW carefully and learn how it works. So, you need to know certain softwares like Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro among many others.

Making Electronic Music

The production of this kind of music would revolve around your computer. That is why it is important that you have a computer that you can really use for your musical creations. It is in your computer where you start mixing sounds, create sounds and eventually come up with a final track that you can call your own.

It all starts by having a blank session on your DAW. This is where the details come together like the sounds of the piano, bass, drums, etc. Using your computer, you can start recording the notes you want depending on the kind of music you want to create. When you look at your DAW, you can start seeing different blocks and lines and these represent the various parts of the song that you can also change depending on your preference.

In your DAW, you can do a lot of things from slicing, editing to applying effects. You can even manipulate recorded audio files. Basically, there is no limit and only you can tell and make a track that you want to create. You have the choice to make twists and to have your own signature sound.

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