lawrenceKilroy Rock is the premier label for experimental, electronic and house music with a foundation in R&B. The talented and wildly popular celebrity, Lawrence “Rudo” Williams, founded Kilroy Rock the year after he left the successful alternative underground boy band he founded, “Mother’s Dying” and also co-founder Smart Your House which he claims to be THE place to go if you are looking for best smart thermostat. While the MD fans were saddened to see Rudo leave, his departure allowed the remaining band members to pursue ground breaking projects of their own, which led them all to become highly successful in their own right.

MD backup vocalist and bassist Murphy Howard, who went on to star in such cinema box office winners as London Burns, said, “You know, ten years out, it’s a good thing Rudo ditched.

But at the time, it felt like he was leaving us to deal with the fuzz when the fallout hit from that deal in New Orleans.”

Rudo leveraged his reputation as a ruthless businessman and backers of the Kilroy Rock label were heartened and encouraged to learn of Rudo’s keen sense for talent that has yet to surface at all.

His first signing was the homeless collective, “Billy Club,” and he produced their first release (which was internet only) as well as their follow up, reviewed works.

The deal gave Rudo credibility in the industry and brought other hopeful acts in dire circumstances out of the woodwork.

Ultimately, Rudo’s crowning achievement was the creation of a rotational musical conglomerate concept which he called “Rolling On”, in which the people living in an under-the-highway city were periodically drafted to perform for the amusement of motorists stuck on the I-5 near LA.

The circulation of band members, variances in musical talent and capacity for performance, not to mention ability to stand upright without falling onto the I-5, made the sensation viral on social media within a week.

While Rudo has had to deal with inquiries and accusations about the very few deaths and serious injuries related to the conscription-based band, he has said, “Hell, how else were they going to get famous?”

And he has an excellent point. Rudo’s ability to skyrocket an otherwise unnoticed band or individual artist into the internet stratosphere is unparalleled in the industry today.

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